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Amy Yanover, Amy Yanover Photography, Spencer, MA

From Corporate to Creative

Amy Yanover HeadshotAmy Yanover’s passion for photography sparked as a child when she got her first Brownie camera. That passion stayed with her throughout busy years spent balancing family and a corporate career. In 2005 she decided to turn her hobby into a career, and she turned to CWE to help make that happen.

Harnessing CWE's Resources

Amy credits CWE courses, events, and consulting services as playing a valuable role in the preparation and growth of her business. “From the visioning class that helped me define and focus on my vision to the business planning class that helped me put that vision into action, I use CWE’s resources to help me grow my studio,” she says. The supportive environment made the experience unique. “I learned the hard cold facts of owning a business, but surrounded by women with similar goals who openly shared their stories and advice with joy and eagerness.”

Amy has also grown her network through her CWE involvement: “Through CWE, I have met a wide variety of talented and active women who have supported and overwhelmed me with their giving spirit and enthusiasm for all our success.”

Connected to Success

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174 Main Street
Spencer, MA

Amy’s ability to form connections both with peers and clients has helped her business flourish. Due to her classic portraits and personable manner, Amy’s thriving business has garnered recognition for her talents. In 2008 Amy received the Women of Achievement Award from CWE in Worcester, and in 2006 was the winner of the Massasoit Guild Art Group in Spencer, MA.