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Sandy Lawson and Kathy Rowell, HealthDataViz LLC, Boston, MA

Visualizing Their Business

Each having worked in the healthcare industry for 30 years, Sandy and Kathy noticed a gap in the market for the delivery of high impact and high value dashboards and reports. The two embarked on a business venture where they could provide expert consultation to healthcare providers and payers struggling with reimbursement, regulation, and increased competition. HealthDataViz harnesses data visualization to design and build dashboards, reports, and infographics exclusively for health and healthcare organizations. With expertise in the science of how people see and understand data, HealthDataViz creates visualizations that are clear and compelling using many software tools.

Docs for Success

Within a year of founding the company, the two decided to get WBENC certified. Though they knew there was a demand for their expertise and the services they could offer, WBENC certification enabled them to secure contracts with clients who had diversity goals to meet.

“Certification has helped us grow into the government space as a subcontractor to prime vendors that need expertise while meeting their diversity goals.”

Some Healthy Advice

When asked what advice she had for other companies to get the most out of WBENC certification, Sandy talks about the competitive edge that certification can provide. In a competitive market, WBENC certification can set your business apart and provide the advantage you need.

“Use the certification to elevate your value and differentiate yourself when bidding on government contracts.”

177 Huntington Ave Ste 1703 #57026
Boston Massachusetts 02115-3153
Phone: (617) 396-4525


Special thanks to the writer of this story CWE intern, Cindi Li.