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Karla Morales, Your Home Detox, Greater Boston

All in the Family

 Juana and Karla Morales

Karla Morales comes from determination, courage and resilience.  Her mother Juana immigrated to the United States from Jalapa, Guatemala in 1992.  Along with her three siblings, nieces, nephews, and oldest child, she made her home in Waltham, MA.  Juana worked several entry-level jobs to support herself and her family.  She began doing janitorial work, which led her to start her entrepreneurial journey as a housekeeper in the Greater Boston area.

A Powerful Teacher

Juana modeled a work ethic that was meticulous and unmatched. Her daughter learned from that example. Working side-by-side, Juana watched over Karla’s work to ensure that she matched her flawless standards.  “I used to hate the scolding, but I am especially grateful for my mother’s guidance,” says Karla.

Today, the mother-daughter team operates a cleaning company called Your Home Detox. Your Home Detox is an alternative, eco-friendly housekeeping company determined to reduce our carbon footprint one home at a time.  They are passionate about sustainable cleaning and eager to educate their clients about the importance of eco-friendly housekeeping, for both themselves and the earth.

A Look Towards the Future

Karla came to CWE with a deep love for her mother and a vision of success for Your Home Detox.  “We aspire to transform it into a business with a purpose that will last even after my mother has retired.”

Her mother knew the ins and outs of the cleaning industry - but not how to make the business grow and thrive.  Karla has been taking advantage of all that CWE has to offer, including one-on-one consulting, classes, and networking opportunities.  This has helped her to solidify her vision, articulate her competitive advantage over other cleaning companies, and develop her unique selling proposition as an eco-friendly company.

Karla continues to work with CWE to strategize about her business plan, perfect her pricing and solidify her sales strategies.

2019 Rising Star Award Recipient

Karla was named the 2019 recipient of the CWE Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award at the CWE gala and auction in Boston on March 29.

The award is named in honor of Silbert, who is one of the co-founders of CWE. It is presented each year to a deserving member of the CWE family who has benefited from her relationship with CWE on the road to, starting and/or growing a business or improving themselves in their business life.

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