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Wendy Pease, Rapport International, Sudbury, MA

What still motivates her is thinking about the situation where she sent an interpreter to a hospital.    The woman was in labor to give birth without being able to speak English. She realized how important Rapport International’s interpretation serv...

Teresa Maynard, Sweet Teez Bakery, Dorchester, MA

In November 2017, Teresa Maynard, the founder of Sweet Teez Bakery, was happily frazzled after having created and delivered 200 apple and sweet potato mini-pies to Capital One Bank’s cafe in the Back Bay, each packaged in its own container to be give...

Lei Nichols, Wise Mouth, Warren, RI

“It was hard to venture into this business,” shared Lei.  “I was a full time high school teacher, a single mom with two teenage daughters, who had no experience in the beverage industry.”  

Christine Hochkeppel, Salty Broad Studios, LLC, Osterville, MA

While working as a staff photographer at a mid-sized daily newspaper, Christine Hochkeppel found herself frustrated with the corporate structure and lack of growth opportunities.  She watched many great colleagues lose their jobs through buyouts and ...

Karla Morales, Your Home Detox, Greater Boston

Karla Morales comes from determination, courage and resilience.  Her mother Juana immigrated to the United States from Jalapa, Guatemala in 1992. 

Jill Willcox, Iterators LLC, Boston, MA

Jill Willcox is in her words a “very reluctant entrepreneur.”  Her dream was not about starting a business, it was about helping solve a challenge that her son was experiencing. 

Tricia Utley, American Apothecary, LLC, Nashua, NH

Tricia Utley was working as an estheticianand going through a health crisis.  While trying to find a cure for her condition she discovered how inner health is reflected in the skin.

Kirsten Lambert and Joan Ripple, Beantown Bedding®, Hingham, MA

Beantown Bedding’s beginnings are rooted in the personal story of two moms caring for their kids at college.

Becca Brady and Tiffany Ting, Hometown Poké, Providence, RI

What do you get when two friends who love food decide to daydream together as a way to escape the doldrums of their corporate jobs?   Hometown Poké .  

Jaime Weatherby, Weatherby Media, Hooksett, NH

Jaime Weatherby, a solo entrepreneur who started Weatherby Media LLC, has an immense passion for entrepreneurship and helping women owned businesses find their digital voice to get their products, services and unique talents to the populations they ...

Maureen Reno, Reno Energy Consulting Services, LLC, Derry, NH

Five years ago, I never would have imagined being an entrepreneur, but thanks to my network of colleagues and the Center of Women & Enterprise I now own a small business. After over a decade of serving the public as an energy analyst with a state r...

Ashley Kirsner, Skip the Small Talk, Somerville, MA

In the summer of 2016, she set up a Facebook page advertising the first Skip the Small Talk event at JFK Park. The event aimed to bring together strangers to talk to each other about more meaningful topics than they would usually discuss at a bar or...

Jonny Skye, Skye Gallery, Providence, RI

The blossoming West-Side neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island is home to the Skye Gallery. Owner and namesake, Jonny Skye, opened the doors to her gallery in October of 2017. The variety of style and background of artists exemplifies Skye’s visio...

James Annis, East Bay Custom Cycles, Bristol, RI

Opening his garage doors to the public in May of 2017, Jim Annis owns and operates East Bay Custom Cycles (EBCC) at his home in Bristol, Rhode Island. After retiring from a long career of public service,  Big Jim  and his son, Jimmy, customize and re...

Seth Jajliardo, Maple Leaf Tree Service of Massachusetts, Auburn, MA

Seth Jajliardo is a great role model for veterans who want to become entrepreneurs. Seth was inspired to start Maple Leaf Tree Service after the destructive tornado that hit the Worcester area in June 2011.

Shane Matlock, The Burgundian: Coffee & Waffles, Providence, RI

Since working in his first coffee shop at the age of 17, Shane Matlock has aspired to own a café.  He always loved the role it played in the community, intersecting culture and lives.  

Meagan Jackson, M. Jackson Accounting & Bookeeping, Upton, MA

Meagan Jackson is an accountant who, after years of consulting, decided she wanted more control over her projects. She wanted the flexibility to empower and educate her clients as well as advise them and keep their books.  

Denise Carr, FASTSIGNS, Worcester, MA

After dedicating decades to the corporate world, Denise Carr was laid off.  She needed to make some quick decisions as to what to do next.  Denise did not want to give control over her future back to a big corporation, but she had no experience runni...

Shana Goldberger, Sweet Babu, Winooski, VT

Shana Goldberger is an impressive young woman to look up to in the entrepreneur world. She launched her bakery, called Sweet Babu, in Winooski, Vermont, in July 2014. Starting Sweet Babu “has been difficult every step of the way,” says Shana, and it ...

Tina Paine, Wicked Healthy Vending, Peabody, MA

In the Fall of 2013, “Wicked Healthy Vending,” was born.  The vending company provides healthy snack and beverage options to organizations and companies in Massachusetts. 

Michelle Cully, Xpressman Trucking and Courier, Randolph, MA

Michelle Cully began her business out of necessity.  She was 23 years old, had no college degree or formal training, and was at the lowest point of her life after leaving an abusive relationship. What she did have was drive and a determination to bui...

Sharon Knight, Tumble Beans Café and Play, Medway, MA

Sharon and Dan encountered many roadblocks prior to launching their business.  They reached out to CWE throughout their journey when any challenges occurred to brainstorm ideas and come up with the best solutions possible. 

Cynthia Ryan, Edgeworks Creative LLC, Waterbury, VT

Cyndi will tell you that starting her business was fairly easy; it just took some time. She had previously had a career in accounting, which she was very good at but was miserable doing. She wanted to make a change, so she went back to college and g...

Cara Nicholl, Baluva, Temple, NH

For Cara Nicholl, entrepreneurship came after being diagnosed with a chronic disease in 2010. She coped with debilitating pain for years and became very depressed.    When cleaning her room one day she found a canister of sand her grandmother had ...

Kayoko Matsumoto, en.Salon, Brookline, MA

When Kayoko Matsumoto came to the U.S. to work as a hair stylist, she didn’t want to run her own business. She began her career at the age of seventeen in Yokohama, Japan. She trained for over ten years in Japan. In 2009, she moved to Boston, Massach...

Erik Barstow, Rattle River Lodge, Shelburne, NH

In October 2013 a friend asked Erik to drive to Maine to pick him up, an event that changed his life. On the way home, they stopped at the lodge Erik now owns and he fell in love with the peaceful location. 

Maureen Joyce and Anne Saita, Twirling Tiger Media

In the spring of 2013 Maureen Joyce lost her longtime position as creative director for a Newton, MA-based technology media company and was considering her options. She heard that an IT association was putting its digital media magazine out to bid, a...

Rachyl Travis, Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap, North Scituate, RI

Rachyl Travis, who was born in 2003, is an experienced entrepreneur. For her 9 th  birthday in June 2012 she received a pet Nubian goat and wanted to find a way to use the extra goat milk. Even as a little girl she wanted to contribute to the suppor...

Paula Kelly and Barbara Graveline, Nodding Burr Originals, Foxboro, MA

Paula Kelly and Barbara Graveline, friends since college, had successful careers in business where Paula became a CPA and Barbara a banker. While they both enjoyed analyzing numbers and business issues, their jobs lacked an outlet for their creative ...

Rachel Estapa, More to Love, Somerville, MA

Just a few months after completing the Business Planning program and pitching her business at the final class, Rachel was  featured on  Chronicle . Then, in December 2017 she was  named the winner of   Mastercard's, "Grow Your Biz Contest,"...

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