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Social Media Intensive - CWE New Hampshire - May 21

 Join us for a Lunch & Learn series that will help you focus on the business applications of popular social media platforms. The series will explore the nuts and bolts of social media that will help to grow your business and engage potential new customers. See the outline below for more detail.

When: Tuesdays, May 21- June 4  11:30am - 1:30pm

Where:   CWE New Hampshire
               30 Temple Street, Suite 610 
               Nashua, NH 03060

Fee: $125 *Partial scholarships are available

**Lunch will be included thanks to the generous support of TD Bank. Attendees will also have the opportunity to speak with a small business specialist with TD Bank.

Prior to registration, participants in this workshop should have a basic working knowledge of and registered account for each of the platforms covered.

Please click here to learn more and register for this course

[MAY 21, 2019]  Week 1  | SOCIAL MEDIA OVERVIEW

Our first workshop will help you understand the importance of social media marketing, which platforms are beneficial for your specific business, and how to set up accounts successfully.

  • We will provide a brief overview of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for Business.

    • Facebook:

      • Page Verification & Account Information Completed

      • Using Facebook events, shop, and Ads to market products and business. (different features available)

    • Twitter:

      • Understanding #hashtags

      • Finding influencers & Creating Lists

      • Best practices

    • LinkedIn:

      • Company Page Setup

      • Sharing updates, articles, posts.

      • Best Practices

    • Instagram:

      • Learn the difference between an Instagram Personal Profile and an Instagram Business Profile

      • Features to use to attract and engage with customers

      • Photo Editing Tools, Tips & Tricks

  • We will guide you through each account's security settings, and explain the SEO benefit of completing all fields.

  • Towards the end of the session, participants will work to determine the target audience, voice, and tone for social media to help prepare for Week #2.



During the second workshop, we will focus on creating a social media strategy and content calendar that you can execute within your business. We will also review helpful automation tools to help streamline your marketing efforts and reduce the time spent on social media.

  • With the target audience selected in workshop 1, we will help narrow down the right platforms and content that should be posted to reach potential customers.

    • Go over which demographics are more frequently on certain platforms. (STATS)

    • Different types of content + graphics should be curated for each platform.

      • Branding Matters - correct sizing is essential for each platform. Specifically for image uploads, logos and cover photos.

      • Photos/Videos do better on Instagram

      • Articles & informative news = LinkedIn

      • Video and personalized photos = Facebook

      • Quick info pieces = Twitter

  • Automation Tools To Use

  • Creating a Social Media Content Calendar - holidays, events, hashtags, product launches, etc.

    • Participants will draft  2-3 posts on a calendar print out


[June 4, 2019]  Week 3 | CANVA & HOOTSUITE ACCOUNT SET-UP

In our last class, participants will have the chance to set up the automation tools we have suggested and also schedule the posts they have drafted on their content calendar.

  • Set up Canva Account + Hootsuite Account

    • Create 1 graphic that can be shared on social media with the drafted content from Week 2

  • Highlight additional features and tips

  • Cover Analytics - Revise and Improve

  • Q&A