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Navigating Change in a Time of Crisis (Webinar) - Central MA - Apr 15

The world scene has shifted from ‘business as usual’ to a place we hardly recognize. Streets and businesses quiet while the noise and chaos inside our minds grow deafeningly loud. How do we effectively navigate change for ourselves, our businesses and those we lead when today is so confusing and tomorrow is so uncertain?

Join us as we journey through the impact of the current world crisis on organizations and individuals alike. Through the lens of our presenter’s 20+ years of experience working with organizations, leaders and individuals to develop the skill of managing, leading and navigating change, we’ll:

  • Create a clear perspective on how crisis impact is greater than we realize
  • Discover the underlying reasons it’s so difficult to navigate change
  • Learn how to take back control in a time of increased uncertainty

When: Wednesday, April 15 from 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


Online webinar. Link will be sent out via email.

Fee: Free. Must register to attend. 

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