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CWE offers affordable, comprehensive courses on starting and growing your business while encouraging collaboration with other aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

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Our curriculum gives you the skills to minimize risk as you prepare for success. Use the Assessment Tool to find the path that is right for you, then click on the class(es) below that fit your needs.

Vermont Start Courses

Marketing Intensive (3 weeks) - CWE VT Oct 26

As an entrepreneur, everything you do is a marketing opportunity. It is essential for you to reach potential customers and develop loyalty in ways that are practical, convincing, clear, and urgent. 

Financing Strategies: Learn from the Experts - CWE VT - Oct. 31

The discussion will focus on strategies for raising funds as well as what investors and lenders look for when making financing decisions. 

Social Essentials 3: Inside Instagram - CWE VT - Nov. 1

Social Essentials Series: Get serious about social! This series is designed for those already in business and need deeper knowledge about social media strategy and hands-on work to put new tips and tricks into a comprehensive content plan to reach th...

Legal Considerations for New Business Owners - CWE VT - Nov 14

This workshop provides a high-level overview of a range of legal issues that entrepreneurs should be aware of when starting a new company.

Steps to Start a Business - CWE VT - Nov 14

If you are planning to start a business or are in the early stages of launching one, then this workshop is for you.

Quickbooks - CWE VT - Nov 16

Keeping track of your business's finances can be complicated, and a systematic approach with QuickBooks can make a world of difference. 

How to Insure Your Business with Confidence - CWE VT - Dec 3

In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively protect your business and personal assets by choosing appropriate and cost-effective insurance policy/ies. The session will provide you with an overview of the various types of business insurance an...

Steps to Start a Business - CWE VT - Dec 12

If you are planning to start a business or are in the early stages of launching one, then this workshop is for you. 

Inventory Management Software - Lunch and Learn - CWE VT - Dec 14

In this workshop, we will cover the two types of inventory systems (periodic vs. perpetual), a brief overview of inventory valuation methods (LIFO, FIFO, average cost), and the variety of softwares available.