CWE's Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Social Justice (IDEAS) Vision

We envision the CWE as a community rooted in and committed to intentional actions and relationships that sustainably advance the IDEAS framework: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Social Justice. As an empowerment engine cultivating economic vitality through entrepreneurship, the CWE centers IDEAS principles to guide our mission, vision, and values as we lift up women who lift up the world.

Our practice of IDEAS extends to everything we do both internally and externally. As a people-centered organization, we believe that taking care of ourselves is an imperative step to serving others. To model the self-advocacy and deep relationships our clients need to launch and sustain successful businesses, we support and encourage each other to establish and respect personal and professional boundaries. Through transparency, accountability, and internal ownership we steward IDEAS values in our culture and programs individually and collectively.

For our services to be a trusted and impactful source of empowerment and equity, we acknowledge that client success fuels our success; research and data-based decisions ensure our approaches remain informed and relevant; and diverse funding sources enable us to prioritize our clients’ needs and mission. We welcome progress and change, recognizing that what IDEAS means to the organization and its stakeholders is constantly evolving.

To stay on the cutting edge, we remain adaptable, willing to listen and advocate where appropriate and to actively seek out different voices from the many stakeholders that enrich our work and communities.



Inclusion is creating and sustaining a space/community where all feel welcome and have a sense of belonging. It’s ensuring folks that are often left out are not only brought to the table, but have the opportunities and support to use their voices as valued members of the group.


Diversity refers to the presence of and respect for the intentional range of visible and invisible differences within our community. These may include, but are not limited to: race, gender, socioeconomic status, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, ability, age, language, and documented status, amongst others.


We recognize that due to a history of systematic oppression not everyone is granted the same opportunities. We understand that in order to be fair and equitable, different individuals will need different levels of resources and assistance that acknowledge power, history, and context.


The presence of quality opportunities that are readily and easily available to everyone regardless of income, background, ability status, experience, etc. Additionally, sustaining accessibility requires proactive efforts to co-create pathways for communities whose access to opportunities and resources may be limited and/or difficult to reach.

Social Justice: 

Acknowledging and confronting inequality faced by different groups within society, then proceeding with organized efforts to diminish the presence of unfair treatment and systems so that CWE and all those we serve can flourish.