CWE Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award Winners

In 2000, CWE began awarding clients annually with the Rising Star Award.  The award was renamed after one of our co-founders Andrea C. Silbert, when she left CWE for other endeavors.

The award is presented annually to a client(s) who have shown success and created economic opportunity.  These woman represent all of the women who are lifting up the world - and the very reason we strive to make a difference with everyone in the CWE community.

Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award

2023      Wangari Fahari, Fahari Records, Beverly, MA

              Syroya Eugene, Syroya's Bakery, Providence, RI

              Joeci Gilchrest, You Name It Creatives, LLC, Lunenburg, MA

              Charlene Huard Marcoux, Home Base Transportation, Manchester, NH

              Vera Sheehan, Vermont Abenaki Artists Association, South Burlington, VT

2022      Emily Barnaby, HIRS LLC, Dery, NH

              Donna Childs, PRISERE LLC, Cranston, RI

              Alicia Haddad, Alicia’s Spice Co., Worcester, MA

              Widline Pyrame, Fusion Doll LLC, Brockton, MA

              Jennifer Vascotto, Trenchers Farmhouse Lyndonville, VT

2021       Wangene Hall, Global Village Foods, Windsor, VT

               Elizabeth Hermawan & Jeanny Stevens, Swan Patisserie, Hudson, NH

               Simony Resende, Aruverde for Rosebud Salon, Providence, RI

               Shea Rose, Shea Rose, Boston, MA

               Huck & Joe Truesdell, TidePool Bookshop, Worcester, MA

2020       Madeline Cabrera, Emmaty, Milford, MA

               Courtney Edge-Mattos, Providence Ghost Tour, Providence, RI

               Amelia Leme, Mana Threads, Burlington, VT

               Tina Paine, Wicked Healthy Vending, Peabody, MA

               Rachel Sotak, Broaden Collective, Concord, In NH

2019       Karla Morales, Your Home Detox, Ayer, MA
2018       Betsy Hill, Neighborhoods Café, Boston, MA
2017       Sharon Corneliius, Suilenroc Construction, LLC, Providence, Rhode Island
2016       Nina Reed, Sarcastic Sweets, Rhode Island
2015       Beverly Hilaire, A Sweet Place, Dorchester, MA
2014       Pamela L. Lavallee, Tailor Made Tutoring, Rhode Island
2013       Belice Puentes Quenguan, BAC Accessories
2012       Heidy Paz, La Granja, LLC, Rhode Island

2011       Kim Lamothe, Greenlion Design, Rhode Island

2010       Carrie Johnson

    James Sturgis

2009       Diane Darling, Effective Networking

2008       Nancy & Nicole Engle, The Sunny Window, MA

2007       Ilma Paixao, Handiera Linens & Lace, MA

2005       Christine Dolan, Precious Cargo Transportation, MA

2004       Grace Diaz, Teddy Bears Under the Rainbow, RI

Rising Star

2002       Holly Taupier, Lever Kids Preschool, NH

2000       Elise Jones, All Aboard Adventures, MA