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Felicia Jadczak and Rachel Murray, She Geeks Out, Boston MA, She Geeks Out, Boston MA

It Techs Two to Tango

While working in the tech industry in the early 2000s, Rachel didn’t feel as though she had a community of women that she could really talk and connect with. Unable to find existing communities that could satiate this craving, Rachel took it upon herself to start one. However, the venture didn’t really take off until her now business partner, Felicia Jadczak, worked with her on an event sponsored by a large tech company in the summer of 2013. There, bombarded by sponsorships and volunteer opportunities, the two started selling out all of their events and realized that something meaningful was taking place. She Geeks Out was formalized in the spring of 2015. With a mission to empower women+ in the workplace and educate, promote, and support diverse and inclusive companies and organizations, She Geeks Out provides tech and tech-adjacent women+ and their allies an opportunity to network and connect with each other as well as with companies who wish to hire them. At the same time, the business supports companies in their diversity and inclusion efforts by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to create a safe and inclusive environment.

Network Host

Rachel and Felicia made the decision to get WBENC certified once they began offering corporate training. With their mission to empower women and promote diversity and inclusion, getting WBENC certified made perfect sense.

“As we thought of the kinds of businesses we wanted to engage with in this work, it was a no-brainer for us to want to work with people who are already invested in diversity and inclusion efforts within their company.”

Though still relatively new to the WBENC community, the two have felt incredibly welcomed. By taking advantage of the opportunities offered via WBENC certification, Rachel was not only chosen for a Google scholarship to participate in Tuck’s Digital Strategy Program for Minority Entrepreneurs, but at various WBENC conferences was able to meet “a whole host of lovely humans who are committed to the work of creating a more equitable world.” For the founders of She Geeks Out, WBENC certification enabled them “to meet and learn from some incredibly smart people, and gain valuable insights into how to think more strategically about ways to leverage digital for the business.”

Say Yes!

We asked Rachel what advice she had for other companies on how to get the most out of their WBENC certification and learned that when it comes to good advice, why reinvent the wheel?

“The advice that was given to me, I will happily pass on – show up and say yes to all the things!”

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Special thanks to the writer of this story CWE intern, Cindi Li.